Goodfriend and Bruant

Sarah Goodfriend, left, and Sarah Bryant are married by Rabbi Kerry Baker in Austin

According to the Dallas County Clerk’s office, probate rulings do not carry from one county to another, so a ruling in Travis County earlier this week does not apply in Dallas.

On Tuesday, Feb. 17, Travis County Probate Judge Guy Herman ruled that the Texas ban is unconstitutional.

Today, Feb. 19, state Judge David Wahlberg ordered Travis County to issue a marriage license to a lesbian couple due to a medical emergency situation.

Dallas County Clerk John Warren has said he hoped to be the first county clerk to issue marriage licenses in the state. His office has advised that nothing would prevent a Dallas County couple from following the same path as Sarah Goodfriend and Suzanne Bryant in Travis County and filing suit in probate court here. In this case, they’d have two Travis County opinions to cite in their petition to the court.