Okay, so a federal judge ruled that officials at Itawamba Agricultural High School in Mississippi violated senior Constance McMillen’s civil rights when they refused to let her wear a tuxedo and bring her sophomore girlfriend as her date to the senior prom.

Constance McMillen
Constance McMillen

When Constance, represented by the ACLU, took the case to court, the school cancelled the prom. But the judge didn’t order the school to reinstate the prom, because the school said some parents would be holding a private prom instead, and they insisted that Constance and her girlfriend would be invited and that Constance could wear a tux.

The prom was supposed to be last Friday. But early last week, the parents sponsoring it said it had been cancelled. Then the school officials said, no, the prom WOULD be held on Friday night at the Fulton Country Club.

So Constance and her girlfriend showed up. But there were only seven other students there. Seems the REAL prom was being held somewhere else, in secret, so that all the straight students could have fun without having to worry about the lesbians messing things up.

And according to Ya’ll Politics, where I found this info, school officials were in on the secret and helped the parents plan the “real” prom somewhere else. The Ya’ll Politics page says they got the story from “NMC,” but I can’t get the page they linked to to load.дать рекламураскрутка сайта комплекс