So I admit I’ve gotten a little caught up emotionally in this whole health care debate. Part of it is, my boyfriend is Type 1 diabetic, and if he were ever denied access to insulin or other medical care, I would probably kill someone. (That’s right, folks, health care won’t do you much good when you’re lying dead on the pavement). Anyhow, I was in yet another argument about the whole thing tonight on Facebook, when I suggested to someone that the Tea Party is pretty much a racist movement, and that those who oppose health care reform are mostly rich white people who think the only people who should have health care are rich white people. When I made the statement, I had little evidence to back it up, other than the fact that they’re mostly Republicans, and some like to shout racial slurs.  But then someone called me on it, so I started looking around to see whether there’s any current polling data. Turns out, there is. And guess what? I was right — well, at least about the race part. According to Public Policy Polling, 65 percent of Hispanics and 77 percent of blacks support health care reform. Only 36 percent of whites support it. You can find the data here. But here’s my question: Why hasn’t this been more widely reported? Everyone’s been talking about the slurs used by Tea Party protesters,  but no one’s been putting them in the context of this polling data. The slurs are easy for the Tea Party to dismiss as just a few people who don’t represent their views. But to me, this data indicates that the Tea Party is, by and large, a racist movement.создать бизнес в интернете