A reader explains why the Prop. 8 case matters to her family:

On the issue of standing for Prop 8 proponents: For me, the possibility that the 9th Circuit will decide they don’t have standing is alarming. This is because I don’t want the case to end with Judge Walker’s decision, which, if it stands, will affect only Californians. I need this case to be appealed to the Supreme Court and I need the Court to decide that all Americans have a fundamental right to marry. I need that outcome because I am one-half of a binational couple. Marriage in California, DOMA being struck down in the District Court in Massachusetts, even the repeal of DOMA — none of them will give me an affirmative right to marry my partner with the attendant right to bring her to the United States. I’m sure as a lawyer you understand that. I’m sure as a human being you also understand that 10 years of living like this really sucks.

I know occasionally you all write about UAFA (frankly, I have no hope for UAFA passing). So I thought I’d give you a nudge to explain to your readership that an appeal of Prop 8 — with our hearts in our throats given the current makeup of the Court — might be the best hope for binational couples.