The Prop 8 trial continued with testimony at the end of the week concentrating on the stats. How many couples married? How much did they each spend on their weddings? How many jobs were created? How much tax revenue was generated?

The defense (pro-Prop 8 people) tried to show that the figures were both inflated and even though 18,000 couple married in six months, only a small percentage of gay and lesbian couples bothered to get married. So once again, the best they may have done in this argument is shown that they will lie and contradict themselves to win.

But this argument by the pro-equality side probably wasn’t the best. While generating new revenue is a good thing, especially in cash-strapped California, it’s no reason to grant or deny civil rights. Civil rights are guaranteed by the constitution and because all men, including gay men and lesbians, are created equal. In 1919, women weren’t given the right to vote because of the amount of revenue they generated and the Civil Rights Act wasn’t passed in the 60s because of the revenue African Americans generated. Or maybe I’m being naive and that’s exactly the reason those rights were online games rpgбесплатная контекстная реклама