Plaintiff’s attorney David Boies finished destroying the second defense witness of Wednesday.

David Blankenhorn, the president and founder of the Institute for American Values, testified that procreation is central to marriage. Boies used some of Blankenhorn’s own writings that were favorable to same-sex marriage to discredit his testimony. He has called same-sex marriage a “victory for the worthy ideas of tolerance and inclusion,” and an “expansion of the American idea.”

Boies asked Blankenhorn about married couples that do not have sex. Blankenhorn said that he had never met one.

He claimed that more same-sex marriages would lead to more one-parent households. He did not explain why, unless he doesn’t count both gay or lesbian parents.

He said, “the rights of gays and lesbians should take second place to the needs of an existing social institution.” So an idea (traditional marriage) is more important than people and their rights.

The judge adjourned the trial. He gave both sides until Feb. 26 to file additional documents. He’ll schedule closing arguments at that time, and the trial is on hiatus until onlineразвитие сайта в интернете