Rainbow Lounge

On Tuesday, Nov. 10, the Fort Worth city council meets for the first time since the Fort Worth police department issued their report on the Rainbow Lounge Raid.

Rainbow Lounge Raid veteran Todd Camp sent this:

Meet at the Rainbow Lounge parking lot at 5 p.m. to rally and prep cars for a flashy, colorful, horn-honkin’ caravan through Downtown Fort Worth on our way to City Hall for the 7 p.m. City Council Meeting! This is a big one folks…

Rainbow Lounge reports, Gender Identity/Expression up for a vote to add to our city non-discrimination ordinance, comments on the Diversity Task Force … and MUCH more.

WE NEED TO PACK THE HALL AGAIN! Bring your friends, family and allies – gay and straight.

Queer LiberAction posted this:

The Fort Worth Police Department continues to fail in adequately addressing the needs and grievances of the Fort Worth GLBT community. Officers involved in sending Chad Gibson to the hospital for over a week due to serious brain injury will be given a light slap on the wrist by being written up and a possible day or two suspension.

If the Fort Worth Police Department and the City of Fort Worth really are wanting to be as diverse and inclusive as they maintain, then the time to make those aspirations a reality is now! The City of Fort Worth and the FWPD should send a clear signal that homophobia and violence, intimidation and harassment will under no circumstances be tolerated. There should be no room in a diverse and inclusive police force for those who break policy in such an egregious way.

Join Queer LiberAction along with the North Texas LGBT community to rally for justice, respect and equality on Tuesday, November 10 beginning at 5:00 PM outside of the Fort Worth City Council located at 1000 Throckmorton St in Fort Worth. From the rally we will proceed into the city council meeting as a group which is set to begin at 7:00 PM.

— David Taffet

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