Twelve hundred people showed up for an LGBT equality rally at Dallas City Hall this weekend. If each one of those people were to give $20.83 to the Resource Center of Dallas, the organization would have enough to cover the cost of moving its AIDS food pantry, estimated at $25,000. Rafael McDonnell, a spokesman for RCD, informed me today that despite articles in Dallas Voice and The Dallas Morning News last week about the food pantry’s predicament, the donations haven’t exactly been rolling in thus far. McDonnell said RCD hasn’t even received enough money to obtain $5,000 in matching funds pledged by MillerCoors.

“Certainly times are tough, and we’re empathetic with that, but I want to emphasize that this is something we have to do,” McDonnell said. “This is not an option. We have to move. … No donation is too small.”

Contributions to the Resource Center can be made online by going here. I must say, this seems like a great opportunity for all you newfound activists to demonstrate your commitment to a cause!сайтrobots txt пример