Despite protests from a few trans activists, Israel Luna’s campy exploitation grindhouse film “Ticked Off Tr*nnies With Knives” won the two top awards at Q Cinema, festival director Todd Camp announced. “TOTWK” took both the audience choice award (sponsored by Dallas Voice, although no one associated with the Voice had any influence in its selection) as well as best overall film. Best gay film went to “Children of God,” about gay men in the Bahamas; best lesbian film went to “The Four-Faced Liar;” best documentary went to “Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride;” and best short awards went to “Communication” (dramatic — men’s), “Dyke Dollar” (comedic — women’s) and “Go Go Reject(comedic — men’s). The Shawn A. Moore Award, presented to a Texas filmmaker, went to “Amateur.”hackagentреклама для туристических сайтов