Rod and Ricky, stars of T3’s ‘Avenue Q’, get their Pride on with a gay wedding


THE GROOMS | The happy couple — Rod, left, and Ricky — will proudly march down Cedar Springs Road … even though they live on Avenue Q. (Photo courtesy Sara Means)

On Sept. 16, a 51-year-old will walk down the route of the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade for the first time ever. And it’s name is Theatre 3.

The Uptown theater company just launched its 51st season with, of all things, a foul-mouthed puppet show in its downstairs space, Theatre Too. The show, Avenue Q, has been a huge hit for the company, nearly selling out every performance and getting two big extensions (the latest until Oct. 28).

So why did it take until 2012 to enter the parade? Well because two of the cast members are getting married. Gay Republican Rod popped the question to Ricky, his Oscar Madison-esque boyfriend, after the last curtain, and the grooms will happily be enjoying their wedding processional along Cedar Springs.

We sat down with the lovebirds — as well as Rod’s hetero roommate and best friend Nicky and neighbors Christmas Eve and Trekkie Monster — to see what this entire experience means to them, and the other folks along Avenue Q.

Dallas Voice: Ricky, Rod: How did you know “this was the one?”  Ricky: After seeing the cute little glasses and sexy ginger hair, I was hooked.
Rod: Pleeeeease, Arnold!!! Look at him!!!!

Have you had pre-marital counseling?  Rod: Yes, we had several productive sessions with [neighborhood therapist] Christmas Eve and [her husband] Brian … though we don’t think he really offered much. …
Ricky: No, Roddy, he did offer those little cocktail wieners and the frosty Ruby Red beer.

Where will the ceremony take place? And does it bother you that your union will not be legally recognized in Texas?  Rod: We will be getting married here on Avenue Q, of course, with Gary [Coleman] officiating. It is unfortunate Texas won’t recognize us … but I still love Rick Perry’s hair!
Ricky: Whatever Roddy wants … Wait a minute … we are single again in Texas???

Have either of you ever attended or marched in a gay Pride parade before? Are you nervous? What are you expecting?  Rod: No, never! I am a bit nervous, but Christmas Eve has taught me some breathing techniques in case I start to hyperventilate. I think it will be a dream day with my handsome beau!
Ricky: Yes, lots, all over the nation, while I was reigning Mr. Foam and Leather. Any chance to party with Roddy and the gang is my idea of a good time!

Do you have a float? Who designed it?  Rod: Yes, it’s going to be a surprise for us from the Avenue Q designers.
Ricky: David Walsh, the totally cool artist, is designing it. I am sure it will be rockin’!

Rod, as a Republican, will you be marching both for same-sex equality and Romney-Ryan? Or have your politics changed?  Rod: I choose not to speak about my Republican beliefs … except to say I do think Romney is cute.
Ricky: Wha’…???
Rod: Cute, baby — not a sexy hunk of man like you!

Ricky, how are your politics different from Rod’s?  Ricky: Politics????

Will your parents be attending? (Did you invite them? Do they know?)  Ricky: My parents, Foam and Fleece, will be coming from the Sonoma Ashram in Cali. I am stoked to see them again!
Rod: They are so sweet to come all this way!

Did I detect a wince there, Rod?  Rod: Ummm …

Never mind. Are your neighbors from Avenue Q invited? Are any of them throwing you a bachelor party?  Rod: They will all be there! Christmas Eve is acting as my matron of honor, and Nicky will be our best man. Gary will officiate, of course. Nicky is taking care of the bachelor parties: one for each of us. Word has it even Trekkie will tear himself away from the Internet for the event!
Ricky: Trekkie … Love that guy … er, monster!
Nicky: For Rod’s party, he’s asked to go to see the New York Stock Exchange and then have a good dinner and be in bed by 9. I will probably invite Princeton and Brian to join us, if they want to go. I would also invite them to Ricky’s bachelor party afterwards at some place called Splash. He said that he would take care of the guest list for that one. Guess we will just have to wait and see.

Are you going on a honeymoon? Where to? Who planned it?  Ricky: Roddy has a secret guilty pleasure!
Rod: Ricky!!! You wouldn’t!
Ricky: My baby has seen Mamma Mia 50 times on the big screen so we are going to take an Atlantis Cruise to Greece to see the fountain of Aphrodite so Roddy can run up those steps like his idol Meryl Streep!

Nicky, have you ever been a best man before?  Nicky: This will actually be my first time. For Brian and Christmas Eve’s wedding I was the “best man’s assistant.” Oh, and I was the coat check guy at my cousin’s wedding a couple years ago. I am a little nervous, I guess, but I would assume that’s normal. I am just so happy that Rod is happy, so I will do the best job I can do.

Have you ever attended or participated in a gay wedding?  Nicky: Nope, this will be my first one on that, too.
Christmas Eve: I have friends who are a gay. They very handsome. After they married, I catch bouquet, make me very excited! But then I meet my fiancé, and he not handsome, only fat. And lazy.
Trekkie: Me no attended a gay wedding before — or any wedding — me too busy. But me have seen Pamela Anderson’s wedding night video. Me give it two furry thumbs up!

Do you think any of you will cry when Rod and Ricky walk down the aisle together?  Christmas Eve: No, I not cry unless there are bride with beautiful wedding gown with many lights.
Trekkie: Me no think so. Maybe yawn a bit, but no cry. Katie Monster will cry enough for all of us.
Nicky: I don’t think I will be crying exactly, but I may have to hold back a bit. I’m only fabric, after all.

Does this break up the old Avenue Q gang? Nicky, where will you be living once they are married?  Nicky: Well, I would assume with them… why, what have you heard?

Christmas Eve: We move from Avenue Q to much nicer neighborhood in Flushing.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition September 14, 2012.

— Arnold Wayne Jones