Ask someone if they are interested in seeing “the Snow White movie,” and the reaction will differ: If they think you mean Charlize Theron’s Snow White and the Huntsman coming in June, the answer is “Yes, yes, 1,000 times yes!” If they think you mean Julia Roberts’ Mirror, Mirror, you get a shrug.

That’s pretty much my feeling about the movie itself. Mirror is an animated Disney musical that is not animated, not from Disney and not a musical — in other words, missing all the essential elements that might make it a classic. Not a dark retelling of the Snow White fable (hell, not even a good telling of it — it combines bits of Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and other fairy tales), it’s merely po-mo cheekiness (references to focus groups, for instance) with a campy sensibility, conveyed through the presence of Nathan Lane (who knows how to make such nonsense work) and the addition of hunky Armie Hammer as the prince.

— Arnold Wayne Jones

Two stars. Now playing in wide release.