Prince Poppycock

If you’re not an aficionado of America’s Got Talent you may be unfamiliar with Prince Poppycock. The bewigged and powdered creation of John Quale, Prince Poppycock rose to fame after being featured on AGT. One of the show’s Judges, Sharon Osborn, dubbed him “the male Lady Gaga,” but I think she’s got it backwards. Poppycock is an interpretation of the sort of high camp dandyism to which Gaga aspires, not a gender-swap rehash of another artist’s work. Check out the video below with His Royal Highness performing “Largo al Factotum” from The Marriage of Figaro (appropriately enough, a song about how fabulous being hairdresser is). I think Mozart would approve.

Prince Poppycock appears at F Bar (202 Tuam) Valentine’s night at 10 pm. Tickets start at $20 and are available at the door or by contacting Director of Special Events, Randall Jobe at or calling 713-661-7600.