Sanjay’s Super Team

One of my favorite things each Oscar season is the release at the Magnolia Theatre of the short films that otherwise are almost impossible to see. Each winter, they rotate the animated and live action shorts (the Texas Theatre often runs the documentary short programs as well). And that week has arrived.


Day One

There’s always a gamut. The animation features everything from slick Pixar-produced CGI (as in the charming Sanjay’s Super Team) to the line-drawn and edgy, violent Prologue and the affectionately bromantic drama We Can’t Live Without Cosmos, all of which are worthy of Oscar glory. The live action shorts tend to be international, from the tentative Irish romance Stutterer, about a man with a speech impediment struggling to finally meet his online girlfriend, to the lone American entry Day One, about a female Army translator on her first day on the job in combat. The breadth is amazing — don’t miss ’em.

— Arnold Wayne Jones

Now at Landmark’s Magnolia Theatre.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition January 29, 2016.