Spinner posted this new video by rapper Big Freedia. He told the site, “I recorded the song in response to all the people getting mad at my success. You watch that video, feel that beat and see those dancers coming hard, and I’m like ‘Na Who Mad’?” I love seeing the fringe rapper grow his profile and the video is hella fun, even with the ladies dry humping the street. Yaka yaka yaka.

The song is from the his upcoming mixtape, God Save the Queen Diva. You can download this track for free though by clicking here.

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Pop star and former Dallas resident George Michael has put shows from his Europeans Symphonica tour on hold due to being hospitalized last week in Vienna due to pneumonia. CBS reported that he has been responding to treatment and slowly improving. From CBSNews.com.

Dr. Christoph Zielinski and Dr. Thomas Staudinger of Medical University in Vienna, Austria, released a statement explaining, “George Michael has severe community acquired pneumonia and is being treated as an inpatient. His condition has stabilized and he is responding to treatment. From the current point of view, the time until recovery cannot be estimated, but he will not be able to perform the rest of the tour. Besides medical treatment, complete rest and peace and quiet are mandatory.”

Fox News posted today that Austrian media outlets “have claimed he was also being treated for acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS, which stops oxygen getting into the blood. British newspaper The Sun also reported that sources had suggested Michael had the potentially fatal syndrome, which is often caused by pneumonia.”

Glamberts are likely squealing from Adam Lambert’s Nov. 18 tweet announcing a new album. Trespassing will be set for a spring 2012 release. He followed up the twee-nouncement with the name of his first single, “Better Than I Know Myself,” but no release date has been mentioned.

Rolling Stone published this piece today on Lambert discussing his new album with writer Matt Diehl. From RollingStone.com.

This year, Lambert assembled hitmakers including Pharrell Williams, Dr. Luke and “Teenage Dream” co-writer Bonnie McKee to replace his 2009 debut’s glam pop with a club-ready sound inspired by classic disco, Nineties electronica and Skrillex-y dubstep. He even got Chic’s Nile Rodgers to play on “Shady,” a sexy cut that Lambert describes as “Nine Inch Nails meets Saturday Night Fever.” “There’s party music, sex music, fucked-up-relationship S&M music,” says the singer. “But every song explores something real.”

Realest of all is “Outlaws of Love” — a smoldering serenade about gay marriage. “I’d never considered marriage before,” says Lambert, who’s dating Sauli Koskinen, a Finnish reality-TV personality. “But now that I am, I can’t do it.”