Just a couple weeks ago a new YouTube channel, Queer4Gays, was launched for the purpose of featuring LGBT youth perspectives on queer issues. The channel includes high school-and college-age youth from the entire LGBTQIA spectrum (now I know my ABCs …).

There have been other similar channels, but this is the first LGBTQIA collaboration and has already garnered attention from other gay media.

The way Q4G works is, each youth posts a video once a week on a certain day. They answer the “question of the week” and then give a little update on their life. Questions answered so far have been about gender preference upon reincarnation and what degree youths been in control of the course of their lives. There are also a few silly, fluffy questions to answer, such as the existence of “gaydar.”

I, your rambling transgentleman, am featured on the Queer4Gays channel on Fridays with another transman. (Watch my introductory segment above.) Some days of the week are called “Double Days,” where two people post on one day.

The channel also does promotional videos, such as taking part in the “It Gets Better” project and their own take on the “Yes, I’m Gay” project with “Yes, I’m LGBTQIA,” a video compilation of the youths from all letters in the alphabet soup giving examples of their likes, dislikes, and behaviors that may or may not be stereotypical of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Each youth featured on the channel is humorous and unique in their own way, coming from all backgrounds and experiences. Questions can be suggested and as always, subscribers are appreciated.