IMG_5380Protesting the Alan Ross Freedom Parade taking money from a sponsor who is also fundraising for homophobic Lt. Gov. candidate Pan Patrick, Queerbomb staged its own Pride event on Sunday, Sept. 21.

About 100 people gathered in Main Street Garden for speeches, spoken word presentations and music.

Most of the speakers urged a boycott of products distributed by Andrews Distributing, the parade’s title sponsor.

The head of Dallas Girls of Leather suggested another approach. She said her group, which meets at Dallas Eagle, has allies among the Dallas Tavern Guild members. DTG stages the Pride parade. She would like to work with the Tavern Guild to find different sponsors for next year’s event.

Organizers of Queerbomb described their group as anti-capitalist and anti-corporate who didn’t see much improvement in changing sponsorship to banks or other corporations.

Attendees were happy to have a place to do their own thing. Organizers Daniel Cates and Daniel Villareal both indicated they’d continue having their own events and will be bigger next year.