By David Webb – Staff Writer

In your experience, what area of Dallas city services most needs improvement?

“Code Compliance in our specific neighborhood of Oak Lawn. There’s a lot of abandoned property that the owners clearly are not taking care of. The city should pay closer attention to that.”

Gregory Pynes
Meeting planner

“When you try to call someone everything is automatic, and you have to keep punching options. By the time you get to a person, you’ve forgotten what you wanted to ask. We need to talk to someone faster.”

Claire Vinck
Class coordinator

“I really can’t think of any problems. I’m sure there are some that need improvement, but I’m not aware of what they are.”

Herb Hayes

“I haven’t had any problems with the city. Everyone has been very cordial and did what they needed to do.”

Eric Salinas

“The roads. There’s a lot of potholes, and lanes need to be widened.”

Kathy Felps
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