By DAVID TAFFET | Staff Writer

Next week, 2,000 LGBT activists from around the country are expected in Dallas for the Creating Change conference. What is the top attraction visitors to Dallas should see while they are in town?

Amber Willoughby — "Nasher Sculpture Center!"

Gregg S. Gunter  — "I’d say that COH is great spot and the strip, of course, the Arts District and maybe the downtown aquarium."

Armando R. Gonzalez — "The Sixth Floor Museum is a very interesting place to visit. It’s the No. 1 visitor destination in Dallas."

Andi Reis — "Top of Reunion Tower. And Dealey Plaza."

Jason Vinklarek — "Go eat at Dish."

Maryann Thompson Frenk — "An area that’s fun to just browse is Bishop Arts."

Elizabeth Pax — 1. The Dallas World Aquarium. I love the rain forest atmosphere and the shark tanks. I could spend hours in their snapping shots of all the amazing plants and animals. It’s beautiful, entertaining, unique, and world class. 2. Fort Worth Stockyards (Okay, it’s not Dallas but hear me out!) I know we have had some difficulties with FW in the past year but there is really something ‘special’ and ‘Texan’ about strolling through the Fort Worth Stockyards. I think it’s the ‘Texas’ visitors dream about. There are so many photo ops and kitschy places to shop!

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