By David Taffet Staff Writer

The smoking ban in Dallas in most public places is coming up on its one-year anniversary. Has it changed the way you go out?

Tracy Morris — "I think it has affected me. I would go places now that I wouldn’t have before."

Keith Dishman — "No, I haven’t changed, but I do like the ban."

Danny Ray — "I’m a bartender at the Dallas Eagle. I don’t think it has changed anything. People go out and smoke and come back in."

Ryan Baldwin — "It hasn’t affected me at all, except when it’s very cold. I still go to Woody’s every day."

Skye Garrett — "I’m for smokers’ rights. I think too many individual rights are being taken away. And I’m a non-smoker."

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition April 2, 2010.combomaphackглавная страница рамблера