Why is immigration reform an LGBT issue?

Sally Lowry — "It’s everybody’s issue."

Tracy Clinton —
"There are LGBT people all over the world who want to come here and share in the opportunities."

Alexis Sanchez —
"We’re fighting for equal rights for people in general."

Tony McMullin —
"It’s an extension of our own fight for full equality. There’s no sunlight between these two issues."

Patrick McCoy —
"I was involved with someone who was not a citizen. I couldn’t sponsor my same-sex partner the way a heterosexual couple could."

Jason Wright —
"The thing that got me into this is that they’re locking people up for this. These are people sending money home to families, not criminals. We have to learn to co-exist and we demand rights for LGBT and HIV-positive immigrants."

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 7, onlineнаружная реклама киев авто