Should Supreme Court justice nominee Elena Kagan’s sexual orientation be considered in the confirmation process?

Tiffany Douglas — "No. No one should be judged based on their sexual orientation."

Darren Lekar — "No. It doesn’t define how somebody will do her job. I own my own business and I have gay people, straight people, older people, younger people. They do a good job. That’s all that matters."

Marco Salinas — "No. Because I don’t think anyone’s personal life has anything to do with the job she’s being asked to do."

Martin Authier — "Absolutely not. Judicial decisions have nothing to do with what one does in the bedroom."

Dan Babb — "It shouldn’t. It might, but it shouldn’t."

Benjamin Berrios — "No. It’s her own private life."

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 14, 2010.mailbrutixпродвижение группы в социальных сетях