By By Lacey Brutschy

Do anti-gay groups have the right, under the Constitution’s free speech guarantee, to protest at gay Pride events?

“Yes. We have freedom of speech which covers everybody who has an opinion on anything.”
Gary Olsen
Art advocate

“Yes, definitely. I feel that everybody has their own will to voice their concerns.”
Aya Mendoza
Time share employee

“If we have the right to protest who we don’t like, then yes, they have just as much a right as we do.”
Jay King
Retail management

“Anything that’s not physical violence is acceptable. It works both ways.”
Lynne Richardson

“I believe they do, but with some kind of control. … If they stay across the street in a controlled zone, then that’s fine.”
Gary Miller
Nightclub owner

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, June 29, 2007. pornomintуслуги продвижение сайта