What’s your favorite Black Tie Dinner memory?

Jim Putnam — "It’s a toss-up between Ann Richards’ speech and Maya Angelou’s poetry."

Doug Arrington — "The last year Ann Richards came, and she said, ‘Goddamn! I’ve been as sick as a wet cat!’"

Scott Whittall — "Ann Richards. She was sick as a dog, but tough as nails, and she brought us to our feet. She was incredible, the way Ann always was. The second best was when Sharon Stone took over the auction."

Mike Henry — "When Gina Davis spoke. You see someone as an actress and get locked into the characters they play. It was neat to see her as a person and see her commitment to charity. Anyone who would sell the earrings they were wearing is special."

Diane Litke — "Lily Tomlin was really funny, and Sharon Stone auctioned off her shoes."

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition October 2, 2009.
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