By David Webb

What do you think of the First Baptist Church in Downtown Dallas holding a workshop on more compassionate ministry to gay people, even though the church still condemns homosexuality?

“I think it is a good sign the Baptist Church is hurting right now. Membership must be dropping.”
Tommie Dodd

“That sounds pretty good to me for a Southern Baptist style of church.”
E.J. Braden
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“I guess everybody has a right to their own belief. There are other churches to go to. If you don’t like the way they worship, go somewhere else.”
J Stephen Nichols

“I think we should all have the same rights as everyone else, but unfortunately it’s not like that in America.”
Amanda James

“I’m from San Francisco. I come from a different space, so I think it is still a little backward.”
Stefan Christenberry
Registered nurse

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, May 12, 2006. создание сайтов под заказсоздание оптимизация сайта yandex