By David Webb Staff Writer

What was your reaction when “Crash” beat out “Brokeback Mountain” for the Academy Award for Best Picture?

“I never saw “‘Brokeback Mountain.’ I’ve been meaning to see it. So I have nothing to base it on.”
– Shaun Bartlett
Mortgage broker

“I wasn’t surprised. I figured “‘Crash’ was going to win, simply because L.A. loves movies about L.A.”
– Michael Roe
Farmer and actor

“I don’t care. I really don’t pay attention to the Oscars.”
– Phil Petersen

“I’m not at all surprised. I’m glad “‘Crash’ won. Both pictures much deserved the award. Both tell a great story.”
– David Jubb
Human resources

“I thought “‘Brokeback Mountain’ was a great film and a milestone in gay culture. I don’t know that it was best film quality.”
– Tim Johnson

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, March 10, 2006. online gamesраскрутка сайта на яндекс