By Morgan Ray

Did you experience bullying or harassment in school because of your sexual orientation or gender expression?

“It was different for me because I had a girlfriend. I did have a friend who was gay and people joked around being young and not understanding.”

Juan Castillo
Postal worker

“Nobody in high school knew I was gay. I worked on cars, motorcycles, and surfed. I did all the things that straight boys did. “

Ike Gordon
Crossroads manager

“No. I wasn’t out in highschool or college. “

Ken Morris
Real Estate Agent

“I didn’t come out until after school; I had to hide it. I’m sure I would have been more unhappy. It wasn’t trendy back then.”

Misty Olive
Valero manager

“Little bit. I don’t know if I was fully out. I hung out with people who later revealed they were all gay.”

Hardy Haberman

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, May 19, 2006.vzlom-odnoklassnikov.comконтекстная реклама сайта стоимость