By Colin Munoz

With Gay Pride Month celebrations already in progress in DFW and the rest of the country, do you think gay pride parades promote gay awareness and acceptance or fuel anti-gay sentiments by society?

“Both. It does both. Some aspects of gay pride come off too strong for people, but I think it does promote awareness.”

-Thomas Carroll

“It does both, but they cross the line when they allow groups that promote pedophilia to take part in the parade. That’s taking a step back.”

-Gary Dryden
Insurance Manager

“It promotes awareness. I don’t think parades are negative.”

-Jackie Jones

“Both. It really does promote awareness, but I don’t think they make a difference. People that are against it, will still be against it. A parade won’t change their minds.”

-Bruce Barber

“I haven’t been to one, but I don’t think it’s a negative thing. They do have the right to express themselves.”

-Sam Williams

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, June 09, 2006. сайтгугл реклама