By Colin Munoz

How important is the outcome of the NBA Finals to the city of Dallas?

“Had the Mavs won the first four games, they would’ve won in Miami, but because they lost the last three means they’re coming back to Dallas. That means more tourist income for the city.”
Mark McCaffrey

“It’s important because it shows prosperity for Dallas, both for business and tourism.”
Norberto Molina
Business Owner

“Not very important. Whether they win or lose it will affect the fans, but it won’t affect the city in general.”
Russell Shackelford

“Sports have a way of unifying people and it helps with tourism dollars.”
Lee Boriack

“Major. This will put Dallas back on the map. It will let America know what Dallas has to offer.”
Bill Lindsey
Hair Dresser

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, June 23, 2006. размещение контекстной рекламыкак проверить тиц сайта