By David Webb Staff Writer

What do you think about Israel’s counter attack on Lebanon after Hezbollah militants kidnapped two Israeli soldiers?

“Everybody fighting over there has been fighting forever. We ought to just come home and let them fight it out.”

Barbara Brown
Nightclub owner

“I think Israel is in a really sticky situation. I can’t blame Israel for the counter attack, but it’s unfortunate they have to attack through the population.”

Clar Mapes

“I don’t think about it. I try to think about happy things.”

Coco Walsh

“It’s too much. They kidnapped two soldiers, and now Israel is killing civilians. They’re killing them accidentally, but they’re still killing them.”

Gary Hackney
Creative director

“I think the whole fighting thing is wrong no matter who started it. I think the whole world should ask for a cease fire.”

Rosa Lopez
Executive director

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, July 28, 2006. сколько стоит продвижение сайтакак добавить сайт в поисковик яндекс