By Beth Freed – Staff Writer

What more could be done to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS?

“I think the most important thing is education. Research for medications is great and should be developing, but there needs to be more intervention programs and education for kids.”

Anu Dhingra
Ph.D. student

“More education. You have clubs that offer condoms and literature. Nowadays, people are still being very promiscuous, like getting into threesomes. They think it’s gone away and it hasn’t.”

Earnest Lathon
Human Resources

“Go tougher on the laws for sex crimes. Like, if you don’t tell someone that you have HIV, and you give it to them, you get involuntary manslaughter charges.”

Aarron McKenzie
Data processor

“I think that more education, because I don’t really know anything about HIV. I’m naive as to how to catch it. More material published so that people like me can learn about it would be good.”

Michael Sneed
Construction worker

“There needs to be more education about drug use for young people. In fact, this whole party-and-play thing with young gay people right now really pisses me off.”

James Foster
Customer, CrossRoads

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