By Beth Freed Staff Writer

Did you consider former president Gerald Ford an ally of the LGBT

“Is he the one that pardoned Nixon? [Yeah.] Then that would be a big no. Definitely not.”

Amber Pate
Delivery Driver

“No, I don’t think he was an ally. I don’t think he was necessarily a foe against it. But he certainly wasn’t an ally.”

Joe R. Lancaster

“I don’t know, because I was so young then. I can’t say that I actually know what his stance was, but based on some of his other views, I’d guess he was a proponent.”

Byron Zealey

“I think that when he served as president, we were so far behind. I’m gonna say no. We’ve taken big steps since his time.”

Chris Gonzales

“Duh…What about a car manufacturer?”

Cody Patterson

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