By Beth Freed Staff Writer

Who’s side of the feud are you on: Rosie O’Donnell or Donald Trump?

“I don’t really follow the gossip too well, but [a friend] told me about it. I think it’s a good thing for them to give a reaction to each other’s comments in public.”

Shahid Malik

“Actually, Donald’s. I believe a person with an addiction deserves to get a second chance. There’s a chance to really do some good work about this whole situation if it’s handled properly.”

Ken Baker
Small business owner

“I don’t think she has a right to call him unsuccessful or that he had poor judgment, because if he had poor judgment, he wouldn’t be as successful as he isand neither would she.”

Megan Rieck

“He didn’t just excuse her. It sounds like there’s a consequence, and she’s going along with it. Things like that are good, especially for young people. I’d have to say, unfortunately, Donald.”

Chris Hill
Project manager

“I am on neither side, because I think they’re both wrong to criticize people in public. I like Rosie for the things she does, but I think she also has a big mouth. And the same for him!”

Denise Rebley

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