By David Webb

What do you think about the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission making arrests for public intoxication inside bars, including one in a hotel where guests of the hotel were arrested?

“I think they are cracking down on something that doesn’t need to be cracked down on. I don’t think it’s fair.”
Rick Caudill

“I think it is ridiculous, and I think it hurts business.”
Randall Lee
Floral designer

“That’s completely silly. People get drunk all of the time. If they’re not driving, it’s ok.”
Diana Gonzalez

“I think it is pretty ridiculous. Those people have better things to be going after.”
Taylor Junemann

“That’s pitiful. It’s not like they would be out there driving. I think that’s awful.”
Price Goshien
Flight attendant

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, March 31, 2006. цены на копирайтинг за 1000 знаковновая раскрутка сайта