By Beth Freed

What do you think about the increasing diversity represented in this year’s Academy Award nominees?

“There are more minorities that have been nominated this year; however, the movie industry needs to do more as a whole to reflect our society.”

Roland Zuniga
Aerospace engineer

“If you have more variety, there’s more to offer. If you just have the same thing over and over, it gets boring. I don’t like to get stuck with the same pattern over and over again. I like diversity.”

Charlie Hernandez, Jr.
Clinical staff

“I would say that in the early years, maybe it wasn’t so diverse, but now I think people are much more understanding of seeing that in every aspect of entertainment. I think it’s good.”

Melissa Sewell
Bank employee

“I think it’s wonderful. I think that it’s been a long time coming. I think that now, because it is a more immediate situation, that we need to be recognized in every genre, even in acting.”

Zhyla Alvarado

“I’m very excited about it, only because it kind of represents a new direction that Hollywood might be taking.”

Rich Lopez
Nightlife editor

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