By David Webb – Staff Writer

What would you like to say to Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who recently said openly gay people should not serve because it is his personal belief that homosexuality is immoral?

“We’re entitled to support and defend our country just like anyone else. We have a right to bear arms to protect it. Before he starts talking, he should walk a mile in our shoes.”
Marla Collier
Medical coder

“It’s ridiculous.We’re talking about serving our country and protecting it, and he’s worried about what we’re doing in the privacy of our homes?”
Debbie Berens

“If having sex with someone is immoral why are women kept in the service after they have illegitimate children?”
Joe Downey
Internet technology

“He needs to stop and think about what he is saying before he says it.”
Steve Nash

“I think it’s a load of crap. We’re fighting for our country’s safety. It doesn’t matter who does it. It’s 2007. We’re everywhere.”
Jason Ramsey
Real estate

This article appeard in the Dallas Voice print edition March 23, 2007. siteвеб оптимизация