By David Webb Staff Writer

What do you think of the Dallas Police Department’s plan to respond to complaints about criminal activity in the Oak Lawn entertainment district by increasing police presence and interacting more with people on the strip?

“I am very supportive of it. I love the fact that they are down here. The city has heard the merchants and the patrons and is responding to our concerns.”

Lee Daugherty, owner, Alexandre’s

“I think it is very positive. We’re very happy to see them down here. That’s what we’ve been hoping for.”

Scott Whittall, president,
merchants association

“I’ve always had good relations with the Police Department. They’ve always responded immediately when I’ve called. Their plan is a very good one. It’s what we’ve asked them to do.”

Nancy Weinberger, crime watch leader

“I’m glad they’re down here. We’ve got a problem on the street. We’ve had it for a long time. There’s a big problem with panhandlers and hustlers.”

Don Sheets, owner,
The Coffee Shop

“I think it’s great. I worked with them all weekend. I saw them talking to people. I didn’t see them issue any tickets or arrest anyone.”

Donald Solomon,
Caven Enterprises

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