By Ben Briscoe

Which is more important in a mayor: an inside knowledge of the system or a fresh voice?

“Past experience doesn’t really matter. What matters is what is their plan for now. If having insider information helps them succeed in the moment, then I am all for it.”

Rob Luley
Software Engineer

“I think it’s more important to bring change. Because gay people can’t get married, and that needs to change. Now.”

Kristin Gonzales

“I think it doesn’t matter. They just need to be honest. That is most important. But a fresh voice is good, too, as long as it is not a voice swayed by money.”

Wayne Smith

“Inside knowledge. Just to know what is going on, it’s nessicary. Besides that, I’ve always liked fresh voices, but most of them are crap. They don’t do what they promise.”

Liddy Shaw

“I would say knowledge of the system. At least he would know about what he was doing that way. There are a lot of problems he would know how to solve if he had the experience.”

Joseph Conte

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 18, 2007 mobi gameконтакты раскрутка веб сайтов