By John Wright Staff Writer

What do you think about the recent decision of High Point Church in Arlington to refuse to hold the funeral of Cecil Howard Sinclair after learning he was gay?

“It’s disappointing but understandable. It’s a call to all of us in the LGBT community to engage all the churches in an act of dialogue to arrive at a more compassionate understanding of one another.”

Alberto Rubio
IT consultant

“I think they’re an embarrassment to society. They should be shutting their doors down immediately for preaching love and not acting in a loving way.”

P. Renaud
Graduate student

“That isn’t surprising at all. I’ve dealt with that type of thing where I haven’t gotten certain jobs because of the way I look, so I can sympathize.”

Demetrius Harrington
Coffee shop employee

“That’s not cool. That’s just disrespecting the dead, period. You should always respect someone’s last wishes and bury them properly.”

Gavin Myers

“As a recovering Southern Baptist, I think literally they should practice what they preach, and that is love and tolerance and acceptance and forgiveness.”

Doug Miller

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition August 17, 2007 siteиндексация в гугл