What do you think should be done about concerns that Iran is planning to develop nuclear weapons?

“I think we ought to mind our own business.”
Sonfanda Sixbey

“I think we should do what Israel did to Iraq in 1982. They dropped a bomb on their nuclear plant.”
Mike Redman

“I think President Bush needs to back off and think more about the soldiers than the money.”
Randall Roberts

“Not military action. I’m not sure what authority we have to go in there and do something about it. But l don’t want them to have it.”
Aimee Solway

“I think we ought to get the hell out and let them do what they want. We’ve spilled enough blood over there.”
John McCaslin

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, April 21, 2006. ip-checkкопирайтинг онлайн