By John Wright

What is your most memorable Dallas Pride parade experience?

“Coming out in the open in the gay world two years ago. I came from a small town in Southeastern Oklahoma. It felt good to be free. I didn’t have to hide anymore.”
Ricky Douthit
Furniture store worker

“This is my first year in Dallas. I heard it’s going to be crazy, so I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s really going to be like.”
Stephen Parker
Coffee shop employee

“Sitting in the back of the truck with the parade, the drinks, the sun and the friends. We back our truck up every year in the parking lot of the old Tom Thumb.”
Holly Bishop

“Watching the Strangerettes. They’re a group of about 50 guys dressed up like the Kilgore Rangerettes. They were in the parade two years ago and they’ll be in it again this year.”
Mark Hayes

“I’m a Pride parade virgin. I’m looking forward to being able to celebrate with the community for the first time since coming out.”
Alicia Moreno

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