By John Wright Staff Writer

Are the Dallas Cowboys at 3-0 , sitting atop the NFC East and coming off a win over the reigning NFC Champion Chicago Bears the real deal?

“Of course they are. This team is the perfect package. If anyone thinks differently, don’t be jumping on the bandwagon during playoff time. I could coach this team.”

Jasper Lightsey,
office manager

“No. I believe that nobody has really tested their defense. I think when they go against a good offense and a good defense, that’s when you’ll see what type of team they really are.”

Sheldon Dunlap
Sales representative

“I think they could be. I don’t think anybody knows right now.”

Harold Smith

“Hell no. I think the Bears just had a terrible night, and the Cowboys got really lucky.”

Jennifer McEvoy
Custodial worker

“I think so. I think that Bears game made a statement. The Bears are the defending champions. They supposively have a good defense, and we basically picked it apart.”

Stacy Murphree
Patient care technician

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