By John Wright Staff Writer

If there were a cure for being gay, would you partake of it?

�No. It�s not an illness. It�s the way God makes us.�

Guy Jones
Retired architect

�Absolutely not. I enjoy being different than the majority of people.�

Jim Ralston

�No. I�m happy with who I am. I don�t think of it as a sickness or a bad thing.�

Ted Brockey
Ad sales

�No. Definitely not. You can�t cure something that�s not a disease. I just don�t feel like there�s anything wrong. I don�t know how else to answer that.�

Rachel Smith
Coffee shop employee

�Yes. It�s difficult to find anyone whose not just there for one-night stands. I have all sorts of women who want to marry me, but I can�t.�

Ryan Manalansan
Stage actor

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition October 12, 2007 как раскрутить сайт самостоятельносамая эффективная контекстная реклама