By John Wright Staff Writer

Do you think the LGBT community has become overly concerned with political correctness in terms of losing its sense of humor or being too quick to take offense at things?

“Everybody has become too politically correct.”

Mario Sulit
Restaurant manager

“I don’t think we have. It’s not like we’re overreacting to what’s going on.”

Don Sheets
Coffee shop owner

“Although I see how some people would think so, I don’t because it’s a matter of respect, and it’s not too much to ask to be aware of other people’s differences.”

Jennifer Kimberlin

“Yes. I think that we’ve gotten too touchy about stepping on people’s toes, and people are always thinking that they’re the underdog.”

J.R. Smith
Computer technician

“I’m straight, and I think it’s appropriate to be sensitive to other people’s feelings, but you can take anything too far and lose your ability to laugh at yourself.”

Lizbeth Johnson

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition November 9, 2007 копирайтинг рерайтингweb реклама