What do you think about the fact that Crossroads Market, a 26-year-old fixture on the Cedar Springs strip, may close by the end of the year?

“I think it’s sad because we need more cafe-style eateries and coffee shops. Not everybody wants to come to the bars. I think people need to be aware and sound their voices on it.”

Barry Lummus

“I’d be sad to see it go. We use it a lot.
I come to drink coffee, or I meet friends here before we go out.”

Brad Scott
Interior design

“I’m not happy. It’s like there’s nowhere left for us to shop. Having lived here a long time, then moved away and moved back, it’s like damn, things have changed.”

Tanner Voskamp
Sales manager

“I think that’s terrible because it’s my main social activity in Dallas. I come down here a lot.”

Mark Metcalf

“I think it would be horrible. It would be like gutting our community. There’s hardly anything left as it is.”

Rick Cook
Postal worker

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition November 16, 2007 сайтстатистика поисковых запросов в google