By John Wright – Staff Writer

Are you concerned about contracting one of the new drug-resistant strains of staph, known as MRSA?

“Yes. It affects my habits when I’m at the gym big-time. I wipe everything down and I’m starting to carry hand disinfectant. To me it’s not a sexual thing; it’s just something that’s highly transmittable.”
-Brody Randall

“No. It’s the least of my concerns. I’ve got far more important things to be
concerned about.”
-Tom Haltom

“Yes. I deal with some professional athletes, and I do take extra precautions when I’m cleaning equipment and stuff like that. I believe that the most important thing is handwashing.”
-Clifton Bowers

“No. I’m just going to hope against it.”
-Stephen Parker
Parking lot attendant

“Yes. It’s pretty alarming when emergency room staff tell you not to put your mom in the hospital unless you absolutely have to because of that. It’s a matter of great concern.”
-Gary Prophet

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition January 25, 2008 game rpg mobileстатистика слов гугл