Has the economic downturn affected your lifestyle, and if so, how?

"Absolutely, I’ve cut my discretional spending by 90 percent. I’m staying closer to home because of fuel costs."

Bobby Owen
Cabinet maker

"No, it hasn’t."

David Harris
Fitness consultant

"Yes, I’m from Fort Worth and this is my first time over in Dallas for the day in six months. The ecomomy is too uncertain."

Mary Beth Williams

"I’d say yes. I try to eat at home more often. I try not to go out as much."

Alf papineau
Compliance supervisor

"It changes when you go out. It has changed the club and bar crowds a lot. There aren’t as many people going out. Now Saturday is better than a Friday night."

Russell Neill
Distribution services

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition April 25, 2008.

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