By Daniel McGlory

If same sex marriage is legalized in California, would you go there to get married?

"We would if we wanted it bad enough."

Sherry Cee & Melissa C.
Storage Facility Business Owner & Medical Professional

"If it were true marriage – with exactly the same benefits – Sure!"

Warren Dunn
Creative Director – Houston

"I believe in same sex marriage; therefore [if I were gay] yes I would go to another state to make the final commitment to my partner."

Julie Williams
Barista, Crossroads Market

"If I had a partner and a need for a life-long bond, yes. I would also remain there in an environment that would be more conducive to my needs."

Al Martin

"No I wouldn’t. I absolutely support gay marriage but I’ve never needed it to have a satisfying long term relationship. It’d be nice to have such an ordinance passed, but it’s not worth moving to California for."

Jake Jacobs
Early Retirement

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