By Ben Briscoe

HIV Vaccine Awareness day is May 18. How much hope do you have that a vaccine will ever be found?

"Ever, likely. In the next five to ten years, unlikely. Viruses are complicated. We can’t even perfectly vaccinate the flu yet."

Neesha Desai

"I hope they do, but I hear the virus is evolving, so I’m not too hopeful that it will happen."

Ross Young

"A lot of hope. But not in our day. I just haven’t heard of any progress."

Lindsay Albright

"I think the way medicine is coming along, we can expect one relatively soon."

Steven Wall
Self employed

"It’s not very likely in our lifetime. Too many politicians are in the mix right now to really get it going."

Trey Biggs
Account Executive

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 16, 2008.

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