By John Wright

Should Sen. Hillary Clinton drop out of the Democratic presidential race and concede to Sen. Barack Obama?

"No. I think she should stay in the race because she’s the best qualified for the job. You never know what may come up about Obama."

Brook Wright
Massage therapist

"No. She needs to stay in it until the rules committee meets and decides how to seat the Florida and Michigan delegates. She owes it to all of us."

Paul Gunn

"Yes, for the solidarity of the Democratic Party. I’d hate to see the Democrats shoot themselves in the foot this year and lose another election."

Brody Randall

"No. Even if Obama offers her the vice presidential spot on the ticket, she should stay in the presidential race. In the past, a lot of candidates have come from behind in the end."

Cory Hill

"Yes, so we can focus on beating John McCain immediately. We’re losing ground. Put the money toward beating McCain."

Juana Walker
Sales trainer

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 30, 2008.

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