Political Wire reports that Rahm Emanuel could be quitting his job “within weeks” to begin his campaign for Mayor of Chicago. He wants out so badly he may leave before the midterm elections — the elections that could be a disaster thanks, in part, to Rahm’s failed strategy.

Chief of Staff Rahm has been one of the leading political homophobes in the White House. He still thinks it’s 1993. You think it’s a coincidence that the White House did almost nothing to fight the GOP filibuster of the Defense bill? It was a concerted strategy.

So, what’s Rahm going to do as a mayoral candidate?

Mayor Richard Daley has been a strong and vocal supporter of marriage equality for years.

Where does candidate Rahm stand on marriage? Maybe one of those way inside pundit types can ask him.

And, I hope the LGBT community in Chicago won’t give Rahm a pass. Hospital visits, which is the one policy for which Rahm claims credit, don’t constitute equality.